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How can a SaaS Startup Manage 4,000 New Leads a Month Using Online Marketing?

Have you wondered how can a SaaS Startup generate and effectively manage 4,000 new monthly leads? Well, you're invited to learn how with the following slide deck of our workshop that discusses the fundamentals of creating a high velocity marketing machine. 


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Understanding The Value of Marketing Automation & Low Touch Sales

The world of business and particularly the marketing strategies of business have been in a state of transition. With the quick paced changes in the world of information technology, standard models of generating marketing and sales leads are quickly losing their effectiveness. Rather than using outbound marketing strategies which attempt to draw customers into a personalized 'high touch' sales process, businesses are having to find new ways of interpreting the digital actions of their prospective clients and converting them into sales.

This white paper will explore these new marketing strategies, how they are being implemented and why they are becoming critical to success in our current high-tech business environment.


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